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Winton Engineering is the market leader in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of on-vehicle power systems, having pioneered the concept over 30 years ago.

winton097When a business requires flexible mobile power solutions, including compressed air, electric, hydraulic or high pressure water jetting, on-vehicle power solutions deliver many benefits compared to the traditional approach of using separate pieces of plant. These include a cleaner, safer working environment for employees, reduced operational noise levels, lower exhaust emissions and improved vehicle utilisation.

Winton systems can be supplied and fitted to most commercial vehicles from three tonne to 26 tonne, and deliver compressed air from 35-160cfm at pressures of 100 to 180 psi and electric power of up to 10Kva at 400v. Once fitted, Winton systems provide fuel efficiency and cost-effectiveness, as well as top-quality performance.

Winton is constantly evolving its products to stay at the forefront of the market, both in terms of technological advancement and compliance, to ensure its customers can operate as safely and efficiently as possible.

Payload and Euro 6

winton125For example, over the last eight years, Winton has reduced the weight of its core system by almost 70 kilograms, from 231kg to 162kg, through implementing practical innovations such as replacing steel elements with lighter materials including plastic and alloys. The structure of the drive gears has been reconfigured, and lightweight cabling has been introduced – all with the aim of attaining a lower total weight, but without compromising the integrity of the system or undermining the product quality for which Winton is known.

The aim has been to help customers increase payload, while ensuring that vehicles continue to operate in a safe and compliant way. With Euro 6 becoming a mandatory requirement for all new factory build light commercial vehicles from September 2016, the pressure for the equipment installed within a vehicle to be as light as possible is more intense than ever.

The new emission regulations results in the base vehicle becoming heavier ‒ according to early estimates, this could add up to 40 kilograms to the overall weight of a vehicle.

winton engineering drivevansa2zPotentially, this extra weight could push vehicles over the legal gross vehicle weight as set out by VOSA. The consequences of exceeding these limits could be a loss of operator license, or a prison sentence of up to two years. Bearing this in mind, the weight of each element of a vehicle must be carefully considered, with every kilogram making a difference.

Following its acquisition by rotary vane compressor manufacturer Mattei in June 2015, Winton has increased its investment in research and new product development – including the introduction of new engine mounted systems – in order to support the demanding operational and environmental challenges its customers are facing.

Winton understands that vehicle operators need an accurate weight for on-vehicle power systems when calculating available payload. At Winton the system is weighed when it is fully installed on the vehicle, ensuring that the true weight of all fittings, oils and any ancillary equipment the customer may require are properly captured.


Winton has acquired the necessary accreditations to ensure that the installation of its on-vehicle power systems will conform to all relevant standards.

It’s vital that any modifications to a vehicle are carried out properly and professionally, so that safety, reliability and manufacturers’ warranties are not compromised. On-vehicle power systems fitted in modern commercial vehicles should be installed and certified in line with manufacturers’ guidelines and where applicable to EUWVTA UK National Small Series Type Approval (NSSTA).

Type Approval provides evidence that the vehicle installation conforms to current legislation, meets legal requirements and will add value to the vehicle resale in years to come. Winton has manufacturer approval and national small series Type Approval in place for many base vehicle types, with finished conversions leaving its conversion facility complete with certification.

With the introduction of Euro 6, manufacturer approvals will become more significant. If modifications are made to the base vehicle in areas including exhaust configuration, this may impact on the manufacturers’ type approval. Winton is working with many leading manufacturers to update approvals for Euro 6 installation.

Life cycle costs

When comparing on-vehicle power solutions, life cycle costs, as well as the initial capital outlay, should always be assessed. As a result of using Mattei rotary vane compressor technology, Winton systems offer reduced fuel consumption. Vane compressors generate up to 20 per cent less engine load than other compressor types, thereby delivering a fuel saving of up to 10 per cent. Winton has developed systems to reduce the upper engine running speed from 1,900 to 1,500rpm, and tests indicate a significant additional saving of up to one litre of fuel per hour. Based on a fuel price of £1 per litre at 400 hours per year, this can deliver a potential combined fuel saving of up to £400 per annum, per vehicle – the savings for a complete fleet can therefore be substantial.

In addition, the use of synthetic oil in the compressors delivers extended service life and reduces whole life operational costs, and oil change intervals are extended to 36 months or 1,200 hours.


Safety considerations are a high priority for Winton. The level at which an employer must provide hearing protection and hearing protection zones is now 85 dB(A). On-vehicle power solutions that use vane compressors operate at up to 13dB(A) less than systems using other compressor types – Winton systems operate at only 72dB(A) – significantly reducing operator exposure as well as general noise pollution. The belt drive system and lower running speed used in Winton’s solutions also contribute to lower noise levels.


On-vehicle power is often an essential part of a business’ operations, so ensuring that any problems can be fixed quickly by the manufacturer, and that spare parts are readily available, is a must. Winton offers unrivalled service, repair and maintenance packages, and boasts a 98 per cent first time fix rate with high stock availability. Its technical helpline and systems diagnosis capabilities also help to reduce downtime.