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Unlock your transport business’ potential with Courier and Haulage Exchange

Established in 2000, the Transport Exchange Group operates two of the UK’s largest, busiest and fastest-growing independent freight exchanges: Haulage Exchange and Courier Exchange. It is now, by some distance, the leading provider of managed freight exchange services for the domestic road transport industry.

Courier Exchange DriveVansA2ZWith over 13,000 active users running over 30,000 vehicles and trading some 700,000 movements in both the UK and Europe-wide, Transport Exchange Group has a successful and proven track record of helping businesses to tackle some of the most common and difficult challenges facing the road transport industry today. These include:
– Empty return journeys
– Rising fuel prices
– Driver shortages
– Onerous legislation
– Coping with fluctuations in demand

Our Exchanges provide our members with an online, real-time, user-friendly transaction and communication hub, with which they can offset these challenges and drive continued and profitable growth, despite increasingly tough operating conditions.

Our vision is to help freight transport and logistics operators unlock significant operational efficiencies and achieve sustainable growth in their businesses by leveraging collaborative opportunities. We believe that the key to success is flexibility and the ability to respond quickly to changes in demand. We aim to help our client businesses by improving visibility both within their own organisations and also with their trading partners, and then provide the tools to execute the resulting transactions.

We believe that by creating the conditions for ‘frictionless trading’ between trading partners there are significant and long-lasting gains to be made, which can be a ‘win-win’ for all parties. Our clients can achieve these objectives and thereby transform large areas of their business. The key tools for achieving these wins are our best-of-class Exchange platform, tried and tested processes and the experienced people within our business who can guide our clients to achieve the desired goals.

While other freight exchanges have come and gone, ours have stayed the distance and gone from strength to strength.