Main Test Route
You will leave the exhibition area and join the clearly signed main test route which is one whole circuit of Silverstone’s perimeter road (roughly four miles) which simulates a number of different standard driving experiences: long straights, bends and tight turns and smooth and rough surfaces. Observe the 20mph speed limits in areas where extra caution is required. It should take no more than 15 minutes. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE PERIMETER ROAD IS TWO-WAY TRAFFIC – DRIVE AS IF YOU ARE ON A NORMAL PUBLIC ROAD AND PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION IN THE NARROWER AREAS AND ON TIGHT BENDS. Access to the 4×4 and Rough Terrain test areas are clearly signposted from the main route.

Stowe Circuit
The second part of the test route takes you on to the Stowe Circuit which is clearly marked from the main test route after you have crossed the GP Circuit bridge.  As you join the circuit beware of traffic coming from your left. The entrance slip is marshalled and you should obey all instructions.

Driving on Stowe Circuit
There is a 60mph speed limit on the Stowe Circuit and traffic is one-way. Marshals will wave you on to the circuit and then follow the prescribed route. Take particular care at any bend or junction. Cones are laid out to assist traffic direction.

Please have consideration for all other test-track users and if you are deemed to be driving recklessly or break any of the rules, your event driving licence will be immediately revoked. This is for the safety of all; we want you to enjoy your day.

Overtaking is not permitted.

After completion of your second lap on the Stowe Circuit you will return to the main show area on two-way traffic roads so remember to keep left. On re-entering the main show area traffic is again one-way and a strict 5mph – please be aware of pedestrians.

Marshals and CCTV will be monitoring all movements at all times and in all areas of the test route.

Rough Terrain centre
Some of the vehicle manufacturers may suggest you try the vehicle on the Rough Terrain centre. This is an optional part of the course and is clearly sign-posted and accessed via the right turn from the perimeter road. It is clearly marked as a turn off from the perimeter road. If you wish to use the Rough Terrain centre please indicate and leave the perimeter road as you would normally turn right in such circumstances. The perimeter road is a two-way road, be aware of other road users at all times. On exit of the rough terrain centre, if necessary, your vehicle will be jet-washed and you will then be marshaled back to rejoin the perimeter road and continue your test route.


4×4 course
Manufacturers demonstrating 4×4 vehicles will take you to the 4×4 course from their stands. You will be accompanied by a professional driver throughout. The 4×4 course takes approximately 10 minutes.

Driving incident
If you have a problem with your test vehicle on the perimeter road test route, pull over to the left if possible, put on hazard lights, stay in the vehicle and wait for assistance.

In the event of an incident on the Stowe Circuit, it will be closed immediately by the marshals and you are to return directly to the relevant vehicle manufacturer’s stand. Please follow instructions from the marshals who will be keeping an eye on proceedings throughout the day to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

Should you need any help at any stage throughout the day, you will find “Ambassadors” in all areas of the exhibition show ground. The ambassadors are easy to spot. Each one will be wearing a white polo shirt with CREW printed on the back. The organiser’s office is located in the Formula 1 pit garages close to the check-in area.