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In addition to the Citan city van, to the versatile Vito, and the mighty Sprinter, experts from Mercedes-Benz Vans will be on-hand at DriveVansA2Z to explain how the brand keeps businesses moving, with the added benefits van operators get when choosing the three-pointed star.

Mercedes-Benz Vans works with customers on a ‘partnership’ basis, with specific packages designed and created as a direct result of customer demand – from finance to maintenance to fleet management, driver training and legislative guidance.

This has a direct result on the amount of uptime that Mercedes-Benz vans experience; reducing vehicle downtime is a major focus for Mercedes-Benz Vans, and the brand continues to play the leading role in keeping businesses moving.

For example, they can service vans outside of ‘normal’ working hours, which means businesses don’t need to miss out on work, as their van can be in workshops at night.

Mercedes-Benz Vans is able to do this as they offer extended opening hours across their nationwide Dealer Network, with over 110 after sales sites, with over one third offering round-the-clock servicing, and virtually all the rest operating at least two shifts daily to enable very late hour opening.

Mercedes-Benz Vans Drivevansa2zIn addition, Mercedes-Benz Vans customers benefit from MobiloVan – a free call-out service across the UK and Europe, which comes as part of the 30 year free roadside assistance cover with every vehicle purchase. Across the 150 MobiloVan roadside assistance vehicles covering the UK, there is an average response time of less than an hour, with more than 80% of vehicles fixed at the roadside.

Mercedes-Benz Vans UK DriveVansA2ZMobiloVan helps customers to keep their vehicles on the road (it can cost up to £500 per day for a business’ vehicle to be ‘off the road’). MobiloVan cover includes notifiable failures such as indicator failures or damaged wing mirrors, and will also contribute up to £130 (inc. VAT) for roadside damage repairs.

Mercedes-Benz Vans is also committed to the ongoing education of drivers to ensure that all of the vehicles’ safety features and benefits are utilised, with a strong focus on the maintenance of the van to ensure it runs at its best. For example, the use of GenuineParts to maximise uptime; Mercedes-Benz invests more than £4.6 billion annually in Research and Development to ensure that each vehicle part is developed to work in harmony with the rest of the van.

It is also important for uptime that the right vehicle is chosen in the first place. Depending on the operation of the van, it may be that the Extra-Long Citan is more effective for the job rather than a Compact Vito.

Utilising the advice from a professional van-dedicated Dealer should help to guide on the type of vehicle for the work required, and also to fit with the budget required. With extensive finance options, as well as an all-new Approved Used offering, getting the right van for a business is now easier than ever.

Mercedes-benz vans drivevansa2zAs part of the brands’ ongoing commitment to keeping UK businesses moving, Mercedes-Benz Vans has redeveloped its Approved Used offering, enabling all operators to access the right van for them, whatever their vehicle requirement.

The Mercedes-Benz Approved Used range of vans are all now available up to 6 years old, with a maximum mileage of 150,000 miles. The vans come with a full service history and have to meet a multi-point pre-sale check to qualify, with outstanding finance, theft and insurance write-off checked.

Approved Used vans come with a 12-month MOT, 12-month insurance-based ‘wear and tear’ warranty (which can be extended), and are serviced as required if there is less than 5,000 miles to the next service. The corrosion warranty is renewed and there is a minimum of 5mm tyre tread depth remaining, as well as the vehicle benefitting from a full valet.

The Approved Used criteria has been developed to better serve the needs of van operators – it is very clear exactly what standards all of the Approved Used vans now adhere to, and enables customers to have a broader spectrum of vehicles that could better suit their needs.

Mercedes-Benz Vans understand that customers want to enjoy the benefits of owning a Mercedes-Benz van, and it is their job to ensure van drivers are in the right vehicle for their requirements and budget.

To learn more about Mercedes-Benz Vans in the UK, its nationwide Dealer Network, or any of the products and solutions offered, please contact the Mercedes-Benz Vans team via or call 0845 600 7070.