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LDV Silverstone DriveVansA2Z

LDV took the Birmingham CV show by storm this year with the unveiling of its first electric vehicle. The EV80, the first Chinese, all-electric, wide-body, light-duty van, was unveiled amid much fanfare boasting the longest driving range in its class and clocking in an impressive 129 miles.

With zero emissions, SAIC Maxus, the company behind LDV, sees the EV80 as the perfect city vehicle, completing short and efficient journeys with a performance that is underpinned by LDV’s commitment to safer driving.

The new EV80 is available in two models; panel van (long wheel base Medium, Roof) and chassis cab with a rated loaded capacity of 900kgs – 1,250kgs.

LDV Silverstone driveVansA2ZEvery EV80 is fitted with a high-capacity 56 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, permanent magnet synchronous electric motor and intelligent 100kW electric motor controller, which combine to offer high-efficiency and steady power output , complemented by a welcome, eco-friendly performance. Full battery charging time is from just two hours.

Intelligent switching between the vehicle’s three power modes leads to a seamless speed change and gives an exceptionally smooth driving experience. The vehicle’s Electric Park Brakes assist with vehicle holding on any road surface or gradient and help prolong park brake parts’ service life.

Features of the EV80 include left hand sliding door, Crystal Diamond headlights, ABS and 4-Wheel disc brake, front A/C heat supply and a high-tech, integrated and interactive display system.

For drivers of the EV80 the future is here and the future is now.   www.myldv.co.uk